Salvation Army/Goodfellows Christmas Sign-up

Christmas 2020 Application Form

Welcome to the 2020 Salvation Army/Goodfellows Christmas sign up form! This form will take approximately five minutes to fill out from your computer or mobile device. You must fill this form out from start to finish to record the results into the database & be officially "signed up."  Sign ups start immediately and will end December 5th.  Below is what it states at the link:

The FINAL step will have a red "SUMBIT" button on it. Once you have pressed this button, you'll get a confirmation that the data has been saved.

If you have to go back to the previous page, be sure to use the NEXT and BACK buttons at the bottom of the page. If you refresh the page or use the back button on the web browser, your entries will be erased and you'll need to start over.

Any additional questions please contact the Salvation Army at 308-234-9998. Thank you!